Q. What are the dimensions of the space?
The interior space is approximately 42’ wide by 60’ deep, as is the exterior courtyard.

Q. How many people does the space accommodate?
A. We recommend the space for parties of 50-150, depending on the format of the event. For sit-down dinners, buffets and receptions, the interior space easily accommodates over 150. The outdoor space allows for overflow, but unless the space is tented, we recommend not depending on it to accommodate more guests.

Q. Are tables and chairs included in the rental fee?
A. Tables and chairs are not included because guests will want different shapes, styles and configurations. However, we have relationships with excellent local rental companies and have their price lists so that we can help you develop a budget. There are some furniture items in the space that can be used at no charge, including a reception desk, grand piano, and reconfigurable bar. There are also some small outdoor tables and chairs for the courtyard.

Q. Do you serve food?
A. We do not. The client decides food service, and we are happy to recommend a number of caterers and restaurants in the area.

Q. Is there a kitchen?
A. There is not a kitchen, but there is a catering prep area with stainless steel counters, a double sink, small warming oven and a full-sized French door refrigerator.

Q. How is liquor handled?
A. Clients must apply for their own beer, wine and cider permit through the New York State Liquor Authority. This usually takes only a couple of weeks and the permit fee is about $30. If liquor is desired, one usually works through their caterer, as food service is required in order to serve liquor in New York State.

Q. Does the space have heating and air conditioning?
A. Yes. The space has central air, and an auxiliary air conditioning unit for extremely warm days or large crowds.

Q. Is there an audio system?
A. There is a two speaker portable P/A system with a microphone and the ability to stream music from a cellphone, tablet or personal computer.

Q. How many restrooms are there?
A. There are two large bathrooms approximately 9’x7’, the larger of the two is wheelchair accessible. Two restrooms is the recommended number to accommodate 200 guests.

Q. Is there any storage?
A. There is a 9’x20’ steel shipping container in the rear of the courtyard that serves as the back wall and can be used for storage.

Q. What is the construction of the building?
A. The interior and exterior of the building is brick, with a steel and wood timber roof. The interior walls are framed out and sheet rocked. The interior surfaces are painted a warm white, with dark bronze steel ceiling beams and a dark brown wood ceiling.

Q. Is there parking?
A. The rear courtyard is solely for guests, not vehicles, though it will accommodate food trucks and delivery vans. There is metered street parking along Main Street, which is free on weekends. There are also numerous municipal lots a block away.

Q. How are cleaning and trash handled?
A. The main space is delivered broom clean, with restrooms and the catering prep area professionally cleaned and stocked with paper towels and toilet tissue before an event. Clients and their caterers or party planners are responsible for removal of all leftover food and trash.

Q. Is there an onsite manager?
A. The space is open by appointment only, but one of the owners or an events manager will be onsite during all events.